1986 Cannondale SM800

This bike was my first mountain bike, I bought the bike in 8th grade. I got it as a clearance bike since it was a 1986 model. The bike was originally $800 but I got the bike or $400 or so. I had sold my GT ProFreestyle for $200 and something. I used that money and some I saved. This bike was great fun to ride, but the index shifting would go out if you looked at it funny. I had to use friction shifting most of the time. I upgraded the bike from the original 5 speed sontour to 7 speed Shimano at some point (1990) The rear dérailleur hanger broke, and I never got the frame replaced. I went into a road bike mode for awhile after this bike broke on me. I almost bought one of these on Ebay when I saw it there. The 24 x 26 concept is great for trials riding, but the tire choices, and rear tire clearance were not Ideal.