1987 Cannondale SR100

This was my first "real" road bike. I road it for a bit with clip on aero bars and faux disc wheel. The bike was an American crit bike. Had a higher then normal bottom bracket 170mm cranks, and compact handle bars. I got this bike with money I had saved up, and my parents kicked in some dough. I got this bike 2 years after it came out, on a crazy sale where it was 1200 and I got it for 700. The group it came with is Sante which is now defunct, the group was above Shimano 600/Ultegra but below Dura-Ace. Had some nice details like the flush crank bolts, quick release built into the brake levers. The bike was a rocket, but the price of that speed was that it was a jack hammer to ride on. The bike was a 56cm which fit me 9/10 grade, but by the time I came back from college I realized the bike was too small. I had it for about 10 years, it did me right.

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