DCCX 2009 Great race, mine not so much

DCCX is the big CX race of the year for me mostly cause it is the race that our little team of 30 members puts on so almost everyone is involved. In years past I have done a fair bit of lawnmowing on the course, but this year with the rain the week of the race I could not get out there. The other big consideration is what kind of facial hair to have; this year I did Stache and Burns.
My Race
I wanted to finish midpack and try to hang with Corey on my team. I got a 50th start position and Corey was in the 20's so I knew I had my work cut out to catch him. I usually don't worry about starts, cause I seem to usually start fast but have more issues with holding that position. So we get sent off and I was able to close and pass Corey before getting to the pavement after the up and down hill.At the out At the out and back, I felt I was with some people a little too fast for me and held up a bit. By the second time through the start/finish line my back was done. The course was very slow, so you had to engage your back to get any kind of speed. So I was in pain, but I wasn't going to hurt my back worse by pushing it with my back. So I got up to the 30's I think but ended up in 65th place, with Kevin from my team passing me on SS! I had wanted him to race so I could beat someone :-( Boy, was I wrong. So now I am doing planks and other core stuff along with no CX racing this year to be back strong next year. Sara seemed to be happy with the way I did compared to my own feelings on it.

The Event
DCCX yet again had beautiful weather, and with that came the crowds. We had over 500 racers and spectators. I think our team has created the kind of race that everyone wants to go to. I mean, there are other courses that are more challenging, but few in the area are able to create that atmosphere with the free beer, frites, and Dutch pancakes. We had a record 70 women, and that is the one area where we can improve for next year since we were at the field limits for the other races. It was also pretty cool to watch and hang out with my teammates and to see them put up good results.

Also want to give a shout out to Alex on my team who moved to San Francisco, sad to see him leave was able to do a mt. relay race with him and do some riding in GW forest and other places. Hope to visit him and his wife in the future.


Laurel Hills Oct. 2009

This was my 3rd trip to ride here. I have been here on a SS and a CX bike, and rode around a bit on the full suspension bike. I think this place is pretty fun on a SS Rigid bike. Dave and I were going to meet and he had my SS and I brought my full suspension bike. I was almost in a 5 car pile up on 95 getting to Lorton. I was the 6th car and because I had given the people space in front of me I was no way close to hitting this SUV in front me. I had a scary moment where I thought someone was going to rear end me after I just had 2300 spent on my car after someone rear ended me a couple of weeks ago. So I made it through that ok, but Dave was behind me and got caught up in that.

I was at the park for a bit waiting for Dave so I did 2 laps of the first loop by the prison. The trail is fun if a little short I wish they would make this trail a little longer. Once Dave got there we decided that I would ride the SS and Dave the Full suspension Geared bike. With this combo we were able to go about the same speed, but Dave was not confident in my XC tires on the GF with the gravel on the trail so I would gap him on the turns. It was a sunday afternoon around 4pm and not many people were at the park so that was nice. We did a good ride and had a wreck on the rock garden practice thing, and I am not sure if it was the pedals not letting me clip out or not will have to see, but I landed on the rocks and really hurt my leg. As we made our way back, a thorn tore out a sidewall on my tubeless tires Dave was riding so he walked the last 3/4 mile. I went back via the trail and ended up breaking a chain on the SS. I will have to make sure the Cog is lined up better with the chainring. So was a good ride, hope to see Dave riding more since he is now on the DCMTB team.


DCCX Official Poster

Here is the official poster, I think it looks pretty bad-ass myself. Register soon at BikeReg
For More Info go to the DCMTB website