Cannondale F400 1995.5

First mountain bike with suspension. I went to college with my Atala built as some wacked out cross bike with bigger tires. It did the job but was such a frankenbike whith thumb shifters for shifting on a drop bar bike. I also went to school in Athens OH which had a pretty cool place to ride a mountain bike at Stouds Run. I got the F400 because I already had owned two Cannondale bikes and really liked them so I decided to stay with the brand. At one point in college I had little wheel, and a seat lock on it so it wouldn't get stolen. I rode it mostly to class and what not, but then would take it mountain biking from time to time. By the time I graduated college and started working in Baltimore the shocks had completely locked up! These shocks(Rock shock Quatros) were not that good, I think all they had were plastic bumbers in them. I got the shock pictured which was a Rock Shock Judy that brought the suspension from 50mm to 70mm. It was a huge improvement. I also converted the bike to clipless when I lived in Baltimore. I remember going back to Athens to ride and being amazed how much better the bike was handling compared to when I had the crapped out suspension on it. I had to replace the shifters and the crankset as well. I had the bike about 4-5 years and it did me right. It got me to the next level of mountain bikes.