1998 Mongoose RX 7.7

I bought this in 1999 because I had outgrown my Cannondale road bike by the time I got out of college and I wanted to have STI brake/shifters. I was looking around for a bike, and this was the first bike I got through the internet. I am not sure if it was ebay or just an online ad. The bike was a racer's who had a new sponsor so couldn't ride this bike. The frame was full carbon, with a big down tube. The components were full Dura Ace, with Mavic Classic Elite Wheels. I remember that I would flex the rear stays of the bike when I was out of the saddle, which my rear deraileur adjustment was critical. The bike was a little small for me, I didn't know it at the time. The other big memory of this bike was when I crashed on it going 46 mph! That has been my only big road crash. I was going down Harp Hill in Fredrick Maryland and was trying to catch up to some guys in front of me. I did two turns then the third I was too wide,(forgot the next part until later) I then locked up the brakes and hit the ditch and flew over the bars and tumbled into the woods. When I wrecked the front fork turned and that made my brake caliper go into the down tube! I also totally cracked the top tube, and tacoed the front wheel from the impact. There was a car behind me that saw it all and they gave me a ride back to my car. I was totally fine, well I did get poison Ivy really bad and had to get steroids for it. I was lucky cause even with a helmet smacking into a tree not going to feel good. After this wreck I wasn't comfortable flying down hills until almost a year later. The other thing I did was steer clear of carbon bikes cause if this bike was metal I am sure it wouldn't have cracked(might have bent it though). This bike worked well for the short time I had it, was a little too flexy but had a great sparkle paint job.