13 Hours of Bakers Dozen, Leesburg VA (prequal)

This was my first race for the 2007 season. I had been planning on doing this race for awhile since I knew I couldn't do the 12 hours of Lodi. I am going to a wedding that day. I needed to get a partner for this race, I wanted to do 3-man, but that didn't workout so I did duo. I did the race with Steve, who I had raced with last year at the 24hours of Allamunchy in NJ. We raced together on a 4 person team called Team Tecateee! We all got Tecate jerseys and would yell Tecate! at the start and end of our laps. We got 2nd place in our division, which ended up being second place over-all. So asked if Steve was interested in doing Duo and he was so we were a go. I had us do a 80mile road ride in Front Royal with the Potomac Peddlers the weekend before, it was a good training ride, ended up riding in allot of rain. The ride had some fast folks so we ended up having a good spinning workout to get ready for the following weekend's effort. Then the week of the race, the other to guys on the Team Tecate Jay, and Sid decided to do the race. Their team name was "Darren and Steve are going Down", so that gave me the objective to beat them in the race forget the rest of the competition!

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