Wild and Wonderfull

Did a great road ride today I had some rider mates, on the ride I wanted to do this ride, but I needed to get back for a BBQ at my house. The ride has some flatter bits, so I wanted some friends for pacing. The ride has 3/4 major climbs I have a 34 x 26 on my bike it was suppose to be a 36 x 26 but you can't put an aftermarket ring on a shimano compact crank. I already bought the cassette, but today I used it to much effect. I felt pretty good on the ride, I really cranked it up the climbs and I payed the toll for it. I wanted the ride to end when it did . The legs were dead at the end, not as bad as last year where I could barely finish. I had a 18 mph avg so I was happy with that, I felt good on certain parts of the ride so I think I am in a good place in my training/Riding.

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