1972 Atala Nouvo Record

This Bike is my back bone bike. I still ride this guy after all these years. I have it set up as a fixie commuter bike right now. I lost the head badge and I have been able to buy another off ebay, since I plan to restore this bike to some glory with some paint and new parts. I had gotten this bike after riding my dad's Aero Wind for a bit with my friend across the street who had gotten a Nishiki. I wanted a better bike and I was able to get this for $200 at the time. The bike had full Campy Neuvo compnents, but the brakes were Shimano 600. The bike originally came with tubulars, and was friction shifting. Great bike to learn to shift and ride on. I raced this bike twice while I was in middleschool in two time trials. This bike turned into a cros/city bike for awhile when I took it to college(lost the campy parts around this time) Then the bike was made into a Commuter with Sora componets, and now finally it is a fixed gear commuter.

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