Coffee in Clifton the O'Gang

I got back into road biking in 1999 after a hiatus of about 5 years. I raced as a junior then around 16 or so didn't ride as much. Well when I moved to Arlington in 1999 I started to road bike again, and I did my first Potomac Peddler Ride that summer. It was a B/B+ ride and it was the longest ride I had done on the road 50miles I think. I had been doing 2-4 mountain bike rides but they were allot less mileage. So On Saturday I wanted to do a ride, before doing my Liberty Furnace Ride on Sunday. I saw that Kelly was leading an A ride from Chantilly HS and was like perfect! I grew up in Centreville so all the Clifton roads are my old stomping grounds. When I showed up, it was the o'gang. kinda fun, I mean I don't ride with PPTC as much anymore, but it is nice to show up for a ride and know everyone riding. The only thing better would have been to carpool. The weather was nice when it was sunny. We did the usual stuff, Popes Head, Chapel, Yates Ford, Henderson. I was feeling good, and helped the crew out by taking allot of big pulls into the wind. I did Chapel Hill pretty strong, and when I heard Al behind me I pushed it hard just for spite:-) Was fun riding with these guys. I will try and ride with them at times later in the year.

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Rudi said...

Sorry I missed that ride - had a massive scheduling conflict that prevented me from heading out to join the "o'gang."

Hope to see you at least occasionally this summer - I hear that road riding is good cross-training for your off-road stuff.