Another one bites the dust

Sat. May 17th

I had wanted to do a mountain bike ride, but ended doing a road ride because of the rain that week. I did the The Good, The Bad, and the Hilly. A good route that does alot of smaller climbs with the Sugarloaf mountain climb in there to get a sustained effort. Bruce, and Ryan had gotten back after a week of doing mountain biking in Colorado, so they were riding strong in the second half of the ride. It was cool to do ride at the beginning of the day, of Ryan's bachelor party day. The first part of the ride I was riding well, my back has been off since the Greenbrier race, and I have not been putting the miles in needed to ride well. So by the time we get to Sugarloaf I had decided to ride my own pace and not to fight it out with Ryan and Bruce. The second half of the ride, I wasn't feeling it, so I had Ryan and Bruce go ahead on one climb and then on the second to last climb I was able to ride past Bruce, but I am convinced it was because I was running a compact and he had a regular crankset. On the last climb, the boys went up the road, and I just kept my own rythum. The ride was nice with the weather and good company, but I wish I could have been more in the game as it were. The night time action was fun, liked doing the Go-Carts out in Dullas, playing pool was fun as well mostly because of the people I was with. I will say I was sucking at pool, but had one shinning moment when I jumped the cue ball over the other's teams ball and hit my ball in the pocket. I hope to some more rides with the Bike Lane boys, it will have to be later in the season since they are not doing the IMBA VA Festival, or Big Bear this year. Hopefully my back issues will get worked out before Big Bear.

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