Spin it out with some buds....

After doing the Giro d- Coppi race on Sat. I was to ride with some friends on Sun. The idea was a 2 hour road ride, followed by a 1 hour cross practice with some riding on the Ide Lee course in Leesburg. Well my legs were cooked from the day before, so I was not really feeling it. Also the mugginess was just taking the energy out of me. We ended up doing 40ish miles around the Leesburg area, which I usually don't ride. When I am out in Leesburg I am usually hitting my dirt road rides. I will have to remember some of the roads we went on it was some good riding. I will be racing Ryan, and Matt in cross this fall in the CAT 3/4 group. Ryan, Matt, and I all raced the CAT 4's last year and I think Matt got 2nd over-all and Ryan got a 2nd place at Capital cross. We talked about cross and the possibility of maybe going to nationals to watch and race(why not!). I figured out part of my squeaking on my bike was actually coming from my rear skewer that needed to be tightened. I decided that I was done after the road ride section, with Erik, Ryan, and Matt doing the cyclocross and confirming that it was really hot in the exposed sun of the Park. Erik then had a BBQ I was able to go to for a bit with Sara before hitting the airport. Well I will be seeing these guys next at the Ed Sanders CX Race.

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