Lake Fairfax

I was dropping Sara off at the airport and thought that a little Lake Fairfax riding would fit the bill nicely. I rode the New Voodoo Dambla Rigid SS(have now cut the steerer tube was finding the right height also find it best to have it be taller then you need for resale), and it was a great place to ride it. I do a little route that no one does anymore, cause it was the course route for the PVC Lake Fairfax race year's ago. I ended up riding some new trail that was nice and tight and gave a little of a diversion from the main trail. I also went out on the CCT for a bit and felt myself spinning out the SS there. I will come back here some more when I am in the area since it isn't a destination trail system but is good for a fully Rigid SS, and the CCT/colts neck/Lake Fairfax is fun to ride on the Cross bike with Big Tires on it.

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