Leesburg Day

I haven't ridden in over 2.5 weeks a first for like 5 years! My back issues had come to a head and decided to take some time off the bike. I wanted to race cross this year, but with my back I wasn't able to push like you need to in cross. I had been rustic cabin camping on Friday night, and then slept at my sisters on Saturday. I got up and went to the Tachino cross race, to cheer on my teammates. I also brought the bike to do a lap on the course. I saw the end of the Masters 3/4 race, and was able to cheer on Michael, and Joel who were racing. Joel did an impressive job holding off a pack of like 8 guys the whole race. He was riding with upright bars on his cross bike, I guess that works for him. I find that I like being in the drops through turns, makes cross different to mt. biking. I then watched the 3/4 race, and it was fun cheering/heckling people as they went by with my cowbell.

After that Bruce, Steve(on Ryan's bike), and I did a short Leesburg dirt road ride. I had done this route like 2 years ago, and found it a good spin on some dirt in Leesburg. This was Steve's first dirt road ride and he was able to get a chance to feel the fun with riding on dirt, on cross bikes. Steve had done most of these roads on his enduro motorcycle. I had some issues 3/4 through the ride, either my seatpost had slipped or something the bike didn't feel right to me. I think I then also bonked, cause I had not eaten when I was watching the Racing. Well we made it back and had a pretty good first ride back on the bike.

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