Last good day before winter

Post from Nov. 29th.

It was Thanksgiving weekend, and I had ridden with Sara on Friday in a freak sleet storm for 10 minutes, but was hoping to ride on Sunday mountain biking. The weather was great. We decided to do a Shed Gambril ride, and one that I know well. I have been doing this ride since around 2000 or so. The only things that have changed is that there is now a down hill trail that is doable going up, and the fire road has become a lot harder to ride(and almost impossible to not dab and walk when there are leaves on the ground). I was riding with young buck Chris/Leland on his full suspension Epic(which he is riding a lot better then he did last time we came), and Kevin on his Rigid SS 29er. Kevin seemed to ride stuff better on the rigid 29er, but was having to go slower on the steeper downhills where you can just have the suspension soak up stuff. We did the ride, and we didn't wreck so that was good. The Fire road climb turned into a little bit of a death march, but we all made it up it in good time. I call this the lower part of the figure 8 I like to do at Gambril-Shed area, I hope to do the Upper part in the coming weeks.

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