Arlington Hills

Well I have found myself in the bad situation that many cyclists see themselves in. I am out of shape and heavier then I would like to be. I had hurt my back doing the SM100, so didn't do CX but did running instead. I was doing well with the running then I got plantar fictitious- corrected kevin Plantar fasciitis (PLAN-tur fas-e-I-tis) ! To add insult to injury I was sick most of December. This added up to me being the heaviest I have ever been. At this rate I can race the clydesdale class!
I play volley ball through out the year, but in the fall and winter I play on the weekends as well. I still need to get some biking in so what I have been doing is a afternoon Saturday ride. I did my first one, and it ended up being a DCMTB west ride with Tyler, Vince, and Mark.
Tyler had never biked in Arlington so I decided to give him a tour of some of the hills I do. Mark was running late, so Tyler, Vince and I did the double banger of Walter Reed and then Oxford. We then went to Mark's house which was harder then I thought it would be top find.
After Mark's we did Wilson, then up to northern Arlington for the hills there. One hill we did I call it Jim's hill after Jim York who showed it to me, Mark had never done so that was a little treat for him. We finished the hills with mini Alpe d'Huez then took George Mason back home. I will try to keep these rides going if the weather is good enough, and hopefully people can join me.

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KMAX said...

HAHAHA! Plantar FICTITIOUS! Awesome! Fake planter's disease?

Where's that Denglish dictionary? Or maybe fictionary?