Snotcycle Pre-Ride

With the trails frozen, I was pleasantly surprised to hear there would be a snotcycle pre-ride. I am not doing snotcycle cause it sold out and I wasn't sure because I am out of shape. I put an email out to people about doing the ride and ended up riding with the Bike Lane boys. I got there, early and it was cold but at least it was sunny. I did a warm up with Todd from Bike Lane, he was rocking the bling GF superfly100. We were riding nice and easy then got back to the start, and I lead us through the first part. I went out too hard, and then my water tube froze so I was toast! I ended up doing the 2nd part of the lap solo. I then went back got my SS Rigid out to do a loop on that too. The course is ok on a rigid, and I think with my front shock the Bakers course would be great on a 29er hardtail. I didn't get into Bakers, so it was a good thing I was able to ride it when I did. I had a good time seeing the guys, reminds me I need to ride more with them.

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