18 hours of Scouts Honor

From August
With the Boys with the FAT $200 for winning, unfortunately that didn't cover registration.

I have been lame and not been keeping up my blog for my 3 loyal readers......   Well I will be doing updates this week, and try to be on it for the next couple of weeks if I am racing.

I have done Scouts Honor I think like 4-6 times.  I might have only missed one year of it.  I did the first one at Poorfarm Park in Ashland which was cool.  They have had Scouts Honor at the boy scouts camp for the last several years, and I think it is a great venue.  The course this year was even longer then last year with around 12 miles.  I think they have hit the sweet spot for course length right about an hour.  The only thing I would say against the course, I don't know if it was new cut trail or weird drainage, but there were some slow sections in there even though it had been really dry.  Hopefully it was new cut trail and next year it will be fast and smooth like the rest of the course.

-before the race:
So we decided to go down the day of, and I was going to have Sara come down at the end of the race and drive me to my parents.  Things did not got to plan, I had Jonathan pick me up at my work parking lot and he went all the way to Annapolis to get Leland.  We got to the traffic jam known as 95 and were running late to make the start.  Mike K. was down in Williamsburg with his family and was to meet us there. Mike got there, and ended up having to do our first lap, as we got our registration.  If Mike wasn't there it would have been a little dicey.
-the race
Mike did a good lap having us around 5th over-all, after the first lap.  Jonathan went out and ripped a crazy fast time like 5 minutes faster then Mike which put us in 2nd over-all 1st for 4-man.  I went out did a pretty good lap, and then Leland went out and pulled a good one as well.  After the first laps we were into the darkness(race starts at 4pm).  I was rocking my second lap when I had my front tire burb on me after I railed  a turn with a dip in it.  I had to refill the tire a little bit, so that cost me some time.  We did consistant laps through the night with that 3-5 stretch being people's slowest laps.  Jonathan was the rockstar of the race, he was just killing it the whole way.  I wanted a sub 1:00 for my last lap and was able to pull that off.  Jonathan took the only 5th lap, instead of Mike since he left to go back to Williamsburg to his family. 

-Good course, alot of ups and downs.  I made a point to stay in the middle ring, and stand out of the saddle when I needed to.
-The Voodoo worked great in it's 3x9 geared with FT suspension. ( usually run this bike Rigid, and SS)
-Getting first was nice, and we grabbed 2nd over-all the 1st place duo team is semi-pro. 
-I was riding with my saddle more forward then usual, but I really like to be "on-top" of the pedals for a fast course. 
-We all did the race, on the bare minimum, got food on the way down(would eat half later that night) Jonathan brought the boiled potatoes which really helped.  I didn't bring a tent but just rested in the chair with my lite sleeping bag.
-Bring bug spray next year!

-Have to see how the 2011 summer turns out, but I could see myself here once again.

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