AZ Trip 2011 Day 5-Phoenix T-100 East Side

From Feb.
Sunrise on the mountains
So for my last day on the tip I was not leaving until 5pm so I was to get one last ride in the morning.  I had run the day before, since we were visiting my Aunt and Uncle.   The running was pretty hard, and this made my legs dead for this ride. I tried to ride some trails on the south side of the T100, working my way around to some trail I had done before. This trail had some good sections while others were just too hard to ride.  I saw a good number of hikers, and most were supportive of my efforts. One women exclaimed that she had been hiking out here for 20 years and never saw a biker on the trails I was on.  I think those routes are do-able if you work your way through the neighborhood streets to link up trail.
Once I got to the trails I had done before, I was able to get myself moving faster.  The trails on the north side is where the bikers ride, since it is more flowy. I had a fun time my last day, got to do some new trail. I got home and packed up the bike in about an hour then left for the car rental and airport. Next year I hope to maybe go to Tucson again to change it up.

The Hiker-Bike shoes were the ticket to riding some trails cause you had to walk a lot on rocks

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