Going Long at Gambril/Shed

Well the 18 hours of Scouts honor was canceled, so I wanted to ride because the weather was great. I talked to Ryan and we decided to go to Gambril / Shed and do some stuff we hadn't done before. I brought the map I had, that I color coded to be able to know where things were. Two things happened at the start of the ride, first I forgot my helmet!!!!! and second my shock was blown barely holding air. I ride with a helmet all the time, and in Mt. biking I actually use my helmet, with my head hitting low branches and the sort. The shock kinda worked, I have ordered a Cane Creek Cloud 9 for the SM100 it should be better and looks easy to service.
We met Paul from Fredrick and he was a great help, he knew the area and was a chill laid back kind of guy. I did some trails that I have never done before, I went past Moes Cut, to the Lookout which was nice, and we did this thing called little Cannan which was fun. I am getting better at doing rocks, but there is much room for improvement. Ryan was riding really strong, I think he is peaking at the right time for the SM100. I bonked on this ride, after we ate(at the lookout) we road a more direct route back, and I will say that I could still ride but I was paying the price for not having enough food for breakfast. I felt bad cause Ryan kept waiting for me, even though I told him to go ahead. After the ride Ryan and I went to DogFishHead for some food and brews and it didn't let us down. I must say the IPA 75 where they combine the IPA 60 and the IPA 90 is a winner. I feel like with Paul's help I have allot better handle on the watershed area, so I will plan some more mountain biking up there and do some of the trails we did again.

gambril Aug 4th

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Thant was a great day even though you forgot your helmet and bonked. Looking forward to riding those sections again. -Ryan