Assateague Beach

This is a quick write up I decided to try and bike to Assateague Beach instead of just going to the beach then doing a ride. I got dropped off in Heborn and then did a southern route that had me going over a ferry and then back up north to Berlin then to the beach. The route was completely flat which is not my favorite terrain but it was nice for a change of pace. I had only one rest stop and it was to be at mile 35 of a 72 mile ride. Well that was before I took a wrong turn  so the ride ended up being 82 miles and I was on fumes with no water coming into the rest stop(after about 40miles). The weather was very hot I think in the 90’s and I was just baking out there. There were hardly any cars on the roads besides the major ones, but they had 8 foot shoulders so it was no problem. The only issue I had was that this ride confirmed that I had a cracked frame at the BB(still ridable) also learned that even though the WTB Rocket V is a great seat for a Mountain biking I need a wider seat for road biking. The best part of the ride was doing the bridge to Assatateague Island.

The second ride I did that weekend was just a 30mile ride with others that I had done before with Jeff. We started off together then I rode with Diana in the back for a bit, and at the shortcut I gave her the map and I took the cue and then did a 8 mile time trial and caught up with the other people. That was a good workout doing that. I did the rest of the ride with Rob on his new bike I helped him pick out. After the ride we ate at a nice ice-cream shop and had milk shakes and hamburgers now that is the way to end a ride!!!

Assateague Beach 2007

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