X-Mass Biking

The first ride of the weekend was a short one, but longer then I expected. I bought my nephew a trail-a-bike for X-Mas, and I went and rode it with him on Sat. before the rain came. I was riding my cross bike set up with some street/path tire combination I wanted to try for following day's ride. I put my dad's cushy seat on the bike because my seat post was carbon fiber and I didn't think the trail-a-bike thing and the carbon seat post would be a good match. Well Cole did a good job, after he figured out the whole peddling thing. We went off-road on the grass around this pond, and we even got through some tough stuff I didn't expect us too. He finally got tired, so I took him home. He was so tired in fact when we road the next day he didn't even pedal after 10minutes I took him back home he said a funny line,"Cole wanna go lay on the couch"

The second ride I did was a little spin near where my parents live, the ride had about 10-14 miles of unpaved road, and I had my bike set up with some great tires that could do both. In back I was running a 32mm Panaracer tire that was smooth with some grit to it, this seemed good since you don't need too much traction in back on dirt roads if you are not riding agressive. For the front I had this Nashbar tire that I have used before that has a raised center tread and some side grippers for that give you a little bite into dirt. So that was a nice 36 mile 2 hour ride and the parents weren't too upset that I was gone for a bit.

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