Rivals and Friends

I have known Bruce for about 3 or 4 years. I used to race him in the Wednesdays at Wakefield races. We both raced sport back then, and have both moved up. I have done several endurance relay races with him, and I hope to compete against him this year in the Mid-Atlantic Cup. We did a ride on Sat. that is called "The Good, The Bad, and the Hilly". The ride combines a bunch of hills and there is Sugarloaf mountain for good measure. Bruce had ridden for 3 days straight so his legs were blown, and mine were still hurting from a ride I did 2 days before. We did the usual off-season talk, about maybe buying new a bike or parts, races that we would like to do, also Bruce gave me some incite into the whole power tap training thing. Bruce and myself are diverging this year with himself concentrating on road racing and I will be concentrating on endurance mt. bike racing. We will both be doing racing against each other, but he is not gunning for the SM100 this year, just to ride it. I will do some road races, but they will not be my "goals" next year. I was a little more spunky on the ride, I did sugarloaf, which Bruce opted out of, but the crafty veteran got the best of me on the last climb. We ended with a 3 hour ride time which wasn't bad for 2 people in the off season.(2:45 is the fastest I have done the ride)

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