3 Sports Duathalon

I had done this Duathalon 3 years ago, where I was with a runner, and I biked. I am friends with Kev who is a good runner, and thought it would be interesting to go down to Richmond to try and get a result. This duathalon is pretty competitive, but not very big for relay teams. I didn't even know if there would have some competition when we got down there. We got to the race start with plenty of time to spare. I was able to go out and did a 4 mile warm-up. When I got back people were lining up to start. Kev, forgot that this was a road running race, so had his trail shoes which are heavier. Was funny seeing Kev, running with these other people who were all in Skin tight bike stuff. Kev goes out on the run, and I then head to the bathroom, which is empty since everyone else is racing! As I am stretching, and talking to Sara I see another Relay team guy who has the full aero helmet and sock covers. I am a little worried, but I am hoping that Kev, will come in before them and I will need to hold this guy off. Well Kev did a pretty good run, and then I was off on the bike. The Bike was 18miles and my goal was 45 minuts. I went out hard, and after the first lap I was avg. like 24 mph. I then just tried to keep it going. The course was smooth pavement, with some rollers in it. The hardest part was that the over pass had a really bad head wind. That head wind turned into a tailwind and helped me ride at 32 and 35mph at some points. During the last lap someone caught up to me, and I then kinda freaked and started crushing it to the line. I did the bike in 45:58 so I just made it in the 45 minute range. The one big issue I had was that I hurt my butt muscle, I think it was from not riding much in an aero tuck position. Kev went on and did a solid second loop, and we won the Relay group! Had a good time, and I hope to do another relay with Kev in June at the FORD #2.

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Kevin said...

Nice pictures. Could you see the pain?
That wasn't my best run, but it was good enough to win the day.

We'll do another duathalon again, and maybe this time I'll bring the right shoes...