DownTown BreakAway Ride-Cherry Blossoms

I don't usually write about a mid-week ride, but I felt this one deserved it. I have been doing the Tues Downtown Breakaway ride since I think 2001 or so. Back then Nick ran it, I met Steve Schwartz, Wolfgang and others on those rides. Well I showed up on Tuesday, to do a ride instead of hill repeats that my team was doing. I was glad I picked the ride option:-) All the usual suspects were there, Rudi, Jonathan, Wolfgang, Jason, etc... The ride had some heavy hitters, I did something stupid and punched it up Chainbridge rd. well, I did it too early and saw that I need to work on my conditioning. After that I was like, I am not going to try to show-boat again, and just rode a steady pace. We took a detour to Kenwood, and that was the highlight, the streets were lined with cherry blossoms. I took some impromptu picks with the cell phone camera(It actually does a good job). I will be hitting these rides through the season, especially if the group continues like it was yesterday. Enjoy.


Anonymous said...


Are you using some type of prototype Canon Digital Rebel XTI cellphone or something? Nice pics!


Anonymous said...

hi biggsy, du bist sehr teuer. :)

that means "you are precious."

this is my favorite thing i've ever seen on your boring-ass blog.

love from da PDX
(guess who?)