COLD!-but the streets are empty

Today was a one of my harder rides, not sure if I am getting sick, just tired, or had to use allot more resources to keep my body warm. I rode from Sara's house since I will be there for the inauguration tomorrow, and Wednesday. I wanted to get a ride in today, because I am really behind where I need to be for this Feb. Arizona Biking trip. Well I took the normal downtown breakaway ride and the hills were really hurting, but I was chugging along. I then saw a water main break, nothing major but I slowed down and saw the ice. There was no easy way around and once I was on the ice-BAM! I went down. It could of been worse, I should of gotten off my bike before the sheet of ice.
I did the rest of the route until it got to MacArthur Blvd and took that west until 79th street, which I found on Google was a way to get to the C&O Canal. While I was riding in on the canal I saw people playing hockey on the Ice! I only seen that once before in the DC area. The views of the Potomac were nice with it being mostly frozen, it gave it an interesting mosiac quality.
The weather was cold though I had to wear my neck gator over my nose and face for the whole ride into the city. Now this snow should be interesting for the commute home....

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