Hellbent on Hills Jan 09'

This was the 5th year running this ride. Compared to last year there were allot less people which was fine by me. Kinda funny we had two ride leaders and only 5 riders total! So no one got lost. I have had an off season so this ride was harder then normal for me. The guys who came out were the usual PPTC crew I ride with, Rudi who is really strong but doing an off season himself, Jonathan, Chris, and Al. Al was riding the most consistent(commutes 30miles to work and back), but doesn't have the natural snap on the short hills in Arlington. I was riding ok, usually getting a good deal ahead of people on the downhills practicing some racing turns. I was was feeling a little tired during the ride so I switched it up and we took off like 7 miles off the ride. The last two hills WalterReed and Oxford were the bangers that they always are, Rudi crushed it up WalterReed and I was following but my calves were screaming at me. For Oxford hill I thought I might get him since I had just done this hill earlier in the week. I was going up spinning in a low gear, and he was in front of me, and he got out of the saddle. I was like well that is too early for me, Rudi was getting away from me, but I was slowly bringing him back. I then got to the part of the hill where I get out of the saddle, and that did it! So I got Rudi on the last climb, but that was the only one. Everyone seemed to have liked the ride, and I am sure I will do an impromtu version of it again sometime soon. Was out for over 2.5 hours on a cold day, only issue was it got nice and sunny at the end of the ride!

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You didn't send me an invite to this ride, which means you're either absent-minded or a douche.

Possibly both.