Gambril Shed a little Long

from May 17th

I had put this ride out there for people to do, and didn't get any of the usual suspects, but did get to ride with some of my teammates that I don't usually get to ride with. The day started off around 9:30 meeting up at Hamburg rd. I took the crew down south on the yellow trail, and was doing a good job leading until we didn't stay on the yellow trail :-( I got us back on track with the red trail, and then at the gambril parking lot had us go down the black trail to the blue to an unknown trail to the road then we took the fire rd up through the down hill course, then back on the blue to hamburg. I think Samantha really enjoyed the ride, and Chris was looking to be having fun in between wrecking :-) Vince was happy as usual too. That was around 12:30
Then as they were leaving I started my own epic ride, where I was doing great finding trails that I have been on with other people, but had not been on by myself. I went from Hamburg, to Little Cannan, to Deathmarch, then on to the Pit. Back up not the roadclimb trail, that goes into Salamandar. This was where my troubles started, I was starting to feel tired, so I thought to hit Iceberg on the way back to Hamburg Rd. I couldn't find the trail head! I had seen the end of it on the blue trail. I then got turned around and thought I would go on the blue trail back, I took a wrong turn cause an hour later I ended up where I stated on the blue trail. I then went the opposite way on Fisher creek, and really screwed myself. I knew I was in trouble when I was descending for a long time, and I saw a Lake I had never seen before. I ended up on Mountain dale Rd. and talked to some people doing yard work and found out I was 6-8 miles from Hamburg Rd. I have done road rides out here so I was familiar with where I was now, but I still had to get to my car. It was 6 or so miles to Hamburg and then I had to climb up that beast. By the time I got back to my car it was 7:10pm. A long day in the saddle and the under carriage was not too happy. Was a good ride to prep for the IMBA weekend over memorial day.

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Sara said...

Bike looking very nice, as usual ;) You have more pictures of her than you do of me, but it's ok...I know your relationship has lasted longer!