Lewisburg Ride 2 -on the road.........

From May 9th

After doing a mini epic in Bald Eagle State forest the previous day, I was up in the air about riding, but I had routed out this ride that was only 40miles but still did like 4200 feet of climbing. So I headed off in the early morning so that I would be missed too much.
The first half of the ride was Foggy, I mean it was just hanging. The Fog didn't really go away until I got to the higher elevations.
I went across the Susquehanna river into East Lewisburg and Liberty township. I got off the bigger road and got on to Covered Bridges rd. The road had a covered bridge where your car needed to be under 6'2" Was the lowest overhang I have been under, well I got through that and then started the climb. The road turned to gravel, which wasn't ideal, but I was riding the cross bike with some new 23mm top model Forte tires, which have a diamond tread pattern and were able to offer some grip. I am climbing and I come to Mountain Rd. I start going up that and the road is getting worse. I get to a fork one goes straight, and the other up a switch back. I go straight and end up at someone's trailer home, so I head down backs towards the fork, and I see a kid in camo who lets me know the other road goes over the mountain.
So I start on the switch back and this is a steep one, and I have passed the end state maintance sign. So the road is now a blown out jeep road. I am riding hoping not to get a flat, and tring to pick my way through the rocks. Since I was riding my cross bike I had a 34-50 in front and I had a 32-11 in back , so I was sitting and riding the 34-32 at like 6mph since you couldn't stand. I hit another switch back and I walked part of that and got back on, and it was really bad rocks but flatter, then all of sudden I cross the township line and boom I have asphalt! The road was there cause there is a Tower that must need to be serviced. So I go down the mountain and I am thinking that I am to do another road over the mountain then this one again. I deceded after doing the other climb to go back up and over instead of coming back to this road again. Now that I know about this road, I will only go down it(gingerly) instead of going up it. After the climbing I got down to Northumberland, and I took a wrong turn and had to backtrack a bit, and then went over the Susquehanna river and back to Lewisburg, I had some climbing on this side of the river as well, no gravel roads, but some shorter steep hills.
I was happy with the ride, and realised if I lived here I would be good at climbing cause there is a ton of it around this place. Also the scenery was nice.


BB said...

no Tour of Montour this past weekend???

Sara said...

I love that baby cow! The river is called the Susquehanna :) and I think the point may be Shikellamy? If only we would've gotten to go to the Freez. We have to return this summer!!