First Bike ride in almost 7 weeks

I was sick before the CM 9 hour race so I only rode once(with a slight fever and hocking up phlegm)  The ride this morning was like  a winter ride where you are happy to be riding since it is nice out, but are totally out of shape.  The doc. said no sports on my papers, but I am interpreting that to mean ball / hand sports.  The feel on the CX bike was good on the hoods didn't notice the pinky too much.  It was on the drops where I could feel and notice my pinky not bending.  Happy to be on the bike though.  I will do mostly road, maybe a little mountain, it will be awhile before I do some really tight singletrack or rocky stuff, cause I don't want to bash my finger or have to use it for support when crashing.  I will be out there, so be nice to me and go a little slower :-)
My season goals have changed, might just enjoy riding this summer, and see how I feel in the fall.

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