Beach Ride Avalon and more

Did a ride the second day at the beach.  It was still nice with low humidity.  The roads were a little more crowded then I thought they would be.  The moots was riding nice since I had the new bars on it, which make it fit the way I thought it would.  The beach riding wasn't that great because you didn't really ride next to the ocean, as much as you would like.  I also ended up with a bit more miles from one or two wrong turns.

The Best riding on the ride were the roads near Belleplain State Forest.  Seems that you can mt. bike there, so would be interested to see a map of the trails.
On the Way back I found a great bakery and had some carrot cake. The cars were backed up and going 10mph to the beach while I was doing 20+ next to them. Ended up being a pretty good ride, but the legs were fried after 61 miles spinning non-stop.

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steve said...

The Belleplain forest looks like an awesome place to go riding. And don't you just love it when you sail past the traffic - and you know that they would all feel so great if they got out onto their bikes.