NJ Beach weekend Day 2

From July 4th

For the Second Ride of the Trip I decided to do a shorter slower ride.
I saw from the New Jersey department of tourism that have a 50+ mile ride
that goes from Stone Harbor to CapeMay and back.  I was going to use this route,
but instead of going to the west side of the peninsula I was going to go straight
north through the middle of the peninsula.
I went out south out of South Harbor.

 There were several Bridges that I had to cross that cost $1 or so but free if biking.  The view was nice an I was enjoying the nice summer weather with highs in the 70's in the morning. The riding down south was not as crowded, but at the same time it wasn't a great place to get a workout on.  I saw that you could ride the boardwalk in the morning in Wildwood so I went up there with every other person who was out and about.  There were the cycle cars which are like a car with four passengers who all pedal.  They looked fun, would like to try it sometime.

The Glass field on the side of the Road
I finally got to the Cape May lighthouse, and it was really funny getting cause once you got to the tip, it was like being in the country.  The roads were not city streets anymore.
There was a vineyard, and some farms down in CapeMay.  I went around the to the west and then headed north over the bridge to exit the technically a island of CapeMay(since there is a canal that separates it.  As I was headed north I found a nice path that I rode for a bit unfortunatly it ended and I was back on the road.  I took Rt. 9 which was not too fun, and then back over to the sea.  I heard some crunchy sounds and I relised that I was riding on a glass field on the side of the road.  Somehow I didn't get a flat.  As I was heading back I saw that the car was gone from the hotel, So I called Sara and she told me that it was up at her Uncle and Aunt's place.  So I rode another 4 miles up there to make it a 50 or so mile day.  The riding was OK, if I did it again I think I would have Sara drop me off on the way to the beach, and would ride to it behind her.  In that way I could get some of the nicer country roads.

CapMay is an island since there is a canal you have to go over.

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benny said...

that is beautiful along the water there, i have never been riding in New Jersey - it isn't how i imagined it would be!