DCMTB-retreat Day 1 Liberty Furnace.

Boys on the Lookout
Almost there, it was raining in DC, and sprinkling here, luckily on the trail totally dry
Leland was leaving the area and I wanted him to experience some of the big up, and downhills that he never got to ride during the various races.  Four of us were taking Friday off to do Liberty Furnace, and we would meet up with more of the DCMTB crew on Friday/Saturday to do a ride in the Stokesville area.

I will not lie this ride has some major climbing......   as you can see that first 3 miles is a whopper!  Some in the group were not happy about it, but Ian and myself we fine to try and climb what we could and walk the other stuff.   We got the first climb and descended the fire road to the rocky downhill trail. We then took a right onto a trail I had not done, but it part of the Big Schlosh loop.  There were some rocky sections, and a full on rock mine field in the forest that we had to go through.  I did my rendition of a hail mary, superman endo going through the rock garden.  Had to deal with that bruise the whole weekend.

Yes, that's a trail. See the yellow blaze
We took the road to trout pond, in the future I will do the double track by the general store.  Ian and I had a good challenge up this climb, and I think we might have made it, but there was a tree down so it was not to be.  On the ridgeline, Mike finally seemed happy, and I was just happy to be riding my HT OK here, since I am used to having my dual suspension bike with me.  The downhill was too much for me, I didn't take it as fast as Young Buck and Mike.  The ride was good, minus 25minutes of Ian fighting a UST tire that had a sidewall gash.  A big THX to Mike for the post ride Burritos!

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