DCMTB-retreat Day 2-Southern Traverse

The Boys of DCMTB
From August

We got down to Harrisonburg and got our camping spot setup up on  helopad area near Tood Lake.  Mike K. had a huge tent and Leland, Mike, Ian and I all slept in it.  It was big enough for Mike and I to have to full size sleeping mattresses and the other guys were on their own bedrolls.  Best comment of the night was in the morning when Mike said we are some quiet ass sleepers.  None of us are snorers which was nice.

So in the morning the weather was total crap, it had been raining the whole night, and it was not looking great for riding.   Kevin, and Matt B. stayed at a hotel, and joined us, and Jonathan got down to the area around 10am.  
We decided to do the Southern Traverse because we thought we might get out of the lite rain we were in.  We were kinda right.  We got to the start of the Southern Traverse and it was a little misty, but as we climbed the ridge to get to the single track we basically climbed into a cloud.  This would be how the rest of the ride would follow, we would go up, down, going left and right of the ridge line and would get less rain or more.
After the ride we did yesterday, I was not feeling as spunky.  I felt I had the endurance to ride just not the snap.  I ended up riding mostly with Kevin, and Matt B.  Matt was having some issues getting used to the rocks we have here in the east coast compared to UK where is from.  The front guys would wait up for us, even though I told them to just go ahead.
After we did the big downhill, we were going to do the 16 mile slog back on the road.  I had told Kevin I would ride with him back on the singletrack if he wanted.  In the end we all decided to take the road.  Chris D. was riding strong, I ended up catching up with him, and pace lining with him for like 10miles.  He lead most of the way I tried to contribute when I could.
We went out that night to the greek place in Harrisonburg, and had some laughs.  I ended up going back that night with Kevin, which had I known I was going to do that I would have done the singletrack back instead of the road.  Hopping we can do this again next year, and there is some better weather.

Kevin got this for X-Mas I thought it was a joke. but it is real.

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