24 Hours of Big Bear

So this was the return of the Tecate Team I had last year at the 24 hours of Allamuchy.
Jay, Steve, Sid and Myself. We decided to do Sport and thought we could get a good placing in that group.

I got a ride up with Kent and we had some good talks, and stopped at this converted trailer that was a bakery. The food there was really good, it hit the spot. We were at the camp area on Friday and waited for everyone to get in. We had a good Camp set up with Jay's RV and we combined our area with my DCMTB/CityBikes team. It was fun to race and hangout with everyone.

The Race
OK so I Started our team out and had to run for the lemans start. Well I did OK running in my Carbon Cleats, and got on the trail pretty early. I went out fast, and around mile 3 Kent and Mike form my DCMTB came by me. I wanted to go into the finish with them, but they were just going too fast for me. I ended up with like a 1:17 lap and I was happy with that. For my second lap I really worked on trying to get a good lap time, and for me I did a 14:59 which I was really happy with. Now saying this our team was having troubles :-( Jay had his granny gear explode on his first or second lap. I have never seen that happen before. The First Lap Sid did he had a broken chain that he had to fix twice. For Sid's second lap he ran 4-miles to the finish. With all this bad luck, we were only 6 minutes out of 1st place! Steve also lost the baton as well which was a 5 minute penalty so we were 11 minutes out of first. I did my first night lap, and did an ok ride, I like riding at night, but not racing. I don't seem able to really push it at night. Steve put in a really good 1:25 night lap and that kept us in the game. Sid's bike blew up at night, so he was out of the rotation. Now it was just Jay, Steve and I to do an extra lap to make up for Sid. Going into the morning we were in 3rd getting close to second and I was up to do a turn. I was going really strong, and Mike K. was behind me and he can downhill really strong. I should have just raced my race, but I went down the hill like a maniac and at the bottom, I must have smacked my rear dérailleur and then my bike was gone!!!!! So I was at mile 6 and thinking what to do. I was going to DNF, but if I do that I will let my team down. Behind me a guy had broke his Kona HT in half! so he had it worse then me, he had to walk/run his way out. So I make my bike into a single speed. I had it in a easy gear, so I could do the climbs. Well when you make a geared bike into a single the chain will eventually go to the next bigger cog and eventually the chain will bind and break. My chain broke again, and then I put the chain on a smaller cog, I was able to get a couple of miles out of that. Eventually there was a ticking that was the signal of the end, finally my chain would not move. I ran the last 1.5 miles into the finish. I had told people to let my team know that I had broken down. Well that lap ended up being 2:10 or something, and we finished out the race, and were able to get 5th place! I was somewhat shocked about that, I think we would have won the sport class if we had not had any issues, but that is the beauty and pain of 24 racing.
This was a good time, I had my best time at any Big Bear/Snow Shoe race with the bigger base camp. Maybe next year Tecate will ride again and race expert?

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gwadzilla said...

a few things...

if you think you would have won the sport class

maybe you should have raced in the expert field

no glory in winning sport when you are an above sport rider

"like taking candy from a baby"

sandbagger's karma?
hard to say

bummer about the mechanicals

sorry I was such a hard ass about loaning my spare bike to your team mate

but I was trying to focus on my lap coming up
and wanted it to be clear that I wanted my bike to be respected and repaired if broken

some irony...
I jokingly asked to ride that white double banger earlier in the race
the owner just looked at me with a blank stare
never did he say... "yea... you should do a lap on this bike... this bike will change your world... this bike is awesome... give it a lap... you will love it"

great race!
you put in a stellar effort even with all the mechanical woes