Wednesdays at Wakefield #1

I had Bruce Buckley take pics with my new camera, since he was still getting over this virus he had. This was my first expert race, so I was going to test out the waters and race with the big boys! So I warmed up with Kent, I knew he was going to ride strong, but it was good to ride with him. There were a bunch of DCMTBer's out there tonight, I think like 11 with 7 in the expert class. I didn't kill myself for the start since I knew I wasn't going to win this race, I didn't get caught up with some of the early wrecking that

people had. I was riding behind Roger at one point, and I was like if I can stay here this will be a good race. Well that didn't happen. I started slowing down a little, and Bruce would joke as I passed him saying things like you're only 5 minutes down you are almost there! Hence the smiles in the photos. I actually caught two people, but that was washed away when I wrecked. I was then playing catch up again. The downer of the night was Marc Gawdz passing me. I thought he was behind me, and I was hoping to finish in front of him. The good thing that happened in the race was I gave myself a realistic goal of having a finishing time of 1:12 for 4 laps. I got the time on my bike computer, but the official time is 1:13 something(my wreck took some time out and stopped my bike computer since the wheels were not moving). Next time I will shoot for 1:11 and might be able to do it, cause my shifting was messed up. I think I need a new cassette, and chainrings. Not sure of my placing but I know I wasn't DFL! It was fun seeing everyone after the finish and talking to people. May be there next week, have to see.


gwadzilla said...

good job out there...

gwadzilla said...


funny that your buddy Bruce got a better shot of me than he did of you

send me the high res version if you could

appreciate it