Fredricksburg Quarry Trails

I was going down to the parent's house over labor day weekend and I had always wanted to try out these trails. There was not much information about the Quarry trails besides what was on the FredEvents website. These trails were illegal until only recently after the dam was blown up. The trails were interesting, I think some really good stuff could be had here if they plan, mark, consolidate the land. There is a bunch of construction coming towards this area from the Central Park shopping Monster. The trails felt like what they are, rogue trails. People have hiked/biked here for awhile without some kind of park management. There were a bunch of trails with some stuff having no flow at all. Most of the trails I rode were not 29er friendly. There were a bunch of logs down over the trail(might be on purpose) this was on the riverside trail. I had a good time just wandering around and following the trails. I went down one trail that lead me to a long tunnel that went under 95. I took that and then ended up in a townhouse community after going through a teenager drinking area(beer boxes and cans littered the trail there). On the way back I got turned around it seems and headed too far north and ended up in the new construction area where there is to be an American Slavery Museum. It was the first mountain bike ride in 2 months so it did the trick, I hope to go here before all the leaves fall on the trail. Another thing to note POISON IVY!!! I forgot that this area is notorious for it. So I got in a 2 hour mountain bike ride while Sara went shopping at Central Park.

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