Lewisburg- 2 for the Money

I was up in Lewisburg for a wedding with Sara, and I knew she lived out in the country so that there would be some good riding in the area. I went to the Bucknell University cycling website and that gave me a place to start from. I then made up a 40+ mile route that had two big climbs in it. On our last tandem ride I thought we had gotten Sara's fit issues taken care of, so I was thinking that this would be a smooth but hard ride with the climbs. Well we started out, and things were rolling smoothly, the roads in this area are flat east-west but hilly north-south. We went over the first climb and into the town of New Berlin. The town had a couple of streets shut down to have a big antiques flea market, was very cute. After the town we worked our way west, and that is when disaster stuck, Sara's knee was hurting a bit. We could of took the shortcut there back but Sara thought she would be alright. We kept on and going down a nice pretty road looking at the ridge line that we would climb eventually. So we start the climb, and Sara's knee was hurting again. We got up the climb the best we could and then the descent was pretty fast. I was glad that we went south to north over the ridge because the other way it would have been one stiff climb. Halfway down I stopped the Tandem for the rims to cool down. Once we got down the mountain, we went on creek road which was really pretty and saw a neat old covered bridge. We worked our way back, and made it to the house. hopefully we can get Sara's kneed figured out cause she enjoyed the ride if you took out the knee issue. As a treat when we left town I tried the "Freeze" as it is called, was good even though it was melting fast. Next time I am up there I will do the full 3 mountain ride which does three climbs in 50 miles.

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