Marshall To Aaron Mountain

This turned out to a Good and Bad experience. I was to go to Douthat Park to go camping and mountain biking but that didn't pan out. I had been sickish earlier in the week, but I thought I was good to go for this ride. In hindsight I should of Ridden with Craig, Jonathan who were riding a little mellower. I was riding a good deal of the day with Rudi and Chris. Rudi and co. had just done the Mt. Shasta Ride in CA that was 135 miles with 16,000 of climbing so he was in good form. We were riding a good clip and ended up with three of us off the front. I really like the route, we did some roads I had not done before. There was one dirt road section that was no problem. The trouble started with the last 11 rollers at the end of the ride. I would have rather had them as one climb then to have to go up a couple hundred feet then down then up..... Well my strength was zapping away there, and my throat was getting a little rough. Around the 60mile mark I had Rudi, and another fellow leave me behind so I could ride the last 5 miles at my own pace. Well at the end I think they got caught at a light or something, because I was able to sneak up on them and take the prize for first into the parking lot :-D The downside was that 5 hours latter I had a fever and did not go to work on Monday because of it. Will have to get the cue for this ride and do it again sometime.

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