Bakers Dozen 2009

Fastest Lap 33:45
Slowest Lap 55 :-(

This was my third bakers dozen and 2nd year anniversary riding for the DCMTB crew.

The team we had was Michael Klasmeier and Michael Santacroce, Mike S. was riding SS Mike K. was rocking the 650b wheels. I was on the Hi-Fi 29er.

For the Bakers race I like to do some kind of facial hair and this year I was Pierre, which was better then last year when I looked like Freddy Mecury. I also like to sport some fun socks, and this year I got some rainbow tie die ones. The socks kinda went with the Family Bikes jersey that I have until our new DCMTB jerseys come in.

1st lap

I got to the start with little time to wait around. I was toward the front, near Matt Parse and Kent, I knew I wasn't going to be going balls out like I did last year so I just kicked it into gear once we got going. We were in the woods, and I couldn't keep up with Tom V's. wheel but was still in a good rhythm. I eventually got behind this guy where I needed to pass him but was having a hard time seeing with my glasses was not great being it was a brown lens and the brown pine needles. So I go to pass on the right and the trail turns left! So I was off trail and like 15 people passed me there. I did a pretty good first lap, and did the big rock Mike K. said you could just go right up. The second lap I didn't feel as good, I was thinking that maybe this wasn't going to be that nice of a day. Raul came and caught me, and I was able to stay with him for about a mile, but after that I had to let him go. I got into camp alright but Sara was not there yet, but more importantly my ride and chicken wasn't.

The bad patch..
For my second set of laps they started a little early cause Mike S. had bent a chainring on his singlespeed. I went out and did his loop, I ended up pulling Steve from the Bike Lane for about 3 miles, but after the bi
g rock I had to let him go in front of me. The next lap I felt terrible everyone and their mother was passing me, and I just had no power. This is when I knew I needed to have that food. I also started cramping in my quads which would be one of the stories of the day.
The Good
Sara heated up my food and I had some :-D
The last two laps we did singles and I was to do the twilight lap. I hate riding the early night lap wh
ere you kinda need lights, I would rather it be dark or light out. So I was waiting for Mike S. to come in, since I didn't want to put on lights. I went out and it was a little cooler, and I was able to just rock it out there on the course. I was railling the turns pretty good, and just felt more alive. I ended up with a lap only 30 seconds slower then my first so that was pretty sweet!
The last lap wasn't that big of a deal we were pretty solid in our 12th spot. My muscles did totally lock up when I got out of my chair for the exchange, so that I forgot the ankle chip. I had to back track in the woods to get it.
Take away
The race was a good time, Sara gets some points for supporting me. This was my slowest bakers, but was a good 4:40 of high intensity riding. Last year I did this race with Mike and Kent and we got 2nd place, this year was another story. I went into the race wanting a top ten, with the terriable form I had and that I hadn't ridden a bike in about a 1.5 weeks before the race. We would have gotten the top ten if you took away the big mechanical, and my chip forgetfulness. Lodi is coming up and I will be doing my first SS race.

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KMAX said...

You look super imposed in those pictures with the editing. Down right glowing in the second one!

Nice work out there none the less. Wish I could have been there to race this year. Can't wait for Lodi next weekend!