Big Boy Ride-Edingburg Gap

This was the first road ride where the combined weight of the riders equaled to 200lbs per rider.

Now Sid is 6'4" and Rudi is 6'2", I am 6'. The ride was 80 miles, with some crazy wind that didn't get us that bad. I needed the miles in my legs, Sid just needed miles and Rudi was there for emotional support. Rudi gets the MVP for the ride, he must have pulled like 5omiles of the ride. We had the wind at our backs for the long roller section after the Gap which was nice. I learned that my cross bike does't handle as well as my road bike(frame cracked!!!! will post a pic later). We rode for 4:30 minutes with a avg in the 17's. I hope to get out to Ft. Royal in the future to Sky-Mass.

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