Dirt and Road

Last weekend I did my first SS ride at fountainhead. I will say I am defiantly faster on a geared bike, but the SS was an interesting experience there. I was riding a 32x20 29er with 2.55 tires and that was too tall a gear for me, after two laps I was cooked! I am hoping that Lodi is easier on the climbing, going to run a 21 or 22 there. It was fun to ride with my teammates for the race, Alex a new DCMTB member from Boise Idaho, and Erik who I have known for years. We are going to race SS so I am not going to say how well we will do since this is my first ever SS race. It was also good to ride with Kevin and Vinnie who are racing together down at Lodi. We should have the DCMTB tent up so say hi.
I did the classic Blue Ridger Ride, but backwards. The ride is better this way cause you get the climbs done with then the nice rest stop, before the rollers to Marshal. The ride started pretty fast, with some wind on the way out to Naked Mountian. I did a ok pull that brought us to the base of Naked Mountain. Once on the climb, Jonathan took off something fierce and I was in a 34x 28 on my crossbike wondering how I do this climb in my 36x26 usually. Once I got to the top, I was thinking,"I still have mt. Weather!" and another 2+ hours of riding. I ended up doing Mt. weather solo, behind the front group and in front of Rudi who was spent from riding on Sat. After the rest stop the group was pretty chill content to stay together to paceline. At some point myself and 3 others went off the front, I was just looking for the railroad tracks which signals that Marshall is near. I ended the ride strong, but I wasn't feeling right. Felt very fatigued, and wasn't better until I had a good amount of food in me at home. So a good HOT weekend of riding.

Well I should of not ridden on Monday and Tuesday morning, that was the 5th,6th day in a row of riding, and I am on the brink of another sinus infection. I have read some medical studies about endurance atheletes having a supressed immume system 2-24 hours after hard efforts. I should of not ridden Monday and Tuesday and just chilled to be ready for Lodi this weekend. Now I am not sure how much of that race I will riding. :-/

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