Another Cracked Frame!

Well I think this frame got cracked a couple of months ago when I was in Missouri racing in the 24hours of Landahl In September. I only rode the bike two more times after that, and I think those rocks cracked the frame. There is a reason the Gary Fisher 292 went out of production, I had cracked the frame in the fall of 2006 as well. For the year 2007 Gary Fisher didn't have the 292, and now they have the new 29er Hi-Fi to replace it. I am getting the Hi-Fi to replace it, the guys at Bike Lane in Burke are helping me out(they helped me out on the first frame that cracked) . I will have to see how it rides and decide if I want to keep it or get the Specialized Stumpy 29er, but that is some $$$.
After saying all that about the frame cracking, I didn't see it until I went riding with Matty D of my team. We did a spin around Roseryville, he was riding SS R igid and I was full squishy so very different rides. We did the inner more technical loop, which I had never done, since I have been doing Roseryville mostly on my Cross bike. Matt did some log rides, and even did the curved one. I was not very good with that, and I think I found something that I need to work on this year. I was going fast to not slow Matt down, and I think I gave Matt a good workout, he did likewise cause when he was in front we were doing surges cause of his SS. Roseryville had allot of people there on Sat. It is one of my favorite winter places to ride, cause it isn't very hard and if you go there when the ground is frozen it is really fast!
Now no mountain biking for me, until I get a new frame and fork.............

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gwadzilla said...

nice ride matt!