You don't need no stinkin' trainer

This is one of my classic rides I try to do a couple of times a year. I had found this route in a Scott Adams mountain bike book. When he wrote it the first big climb was on a dirt road. This ride is a dirt road ride, but very different then the Busthead Dirtyburg Ride. These are well used dirt roads where the the latter ride has more gravel and more twisty.
I had some of the usual characters with Ryan, and Bruce from Bike Lane, and new to ride with Steve who will be riding with Bike Doctor this year. I had a late night on Friday so I was doing this ride with like 3.5 hours of sleep. I got up early and put on the WTB interwolves the best dirt road tire made in my opinion. I got to the ride start and the boys were waiting for me. We were all dressed up in our winter duds, I have feet issues so I was sporting the Lake Boots, with a chemical warmer inside. We started the ride and I knew right away that it was going to be one of those rides. Steve from Bike Doctor is a CAT 3 roadie who used to race mt. bikes so he knows how to handle himself. We do the first climb and Brucey seems a little
spunky and Steve was plain strong. Once we got on the ridge a biker catches us which is kinda weird since we were going a pretty good clip. It ends up that the Evolution team was doing a ride. So we chatted with them for a couple of miles and then parted ways as we went towards the dirt, and they stayed to the road.
The dirt was a combination of sections of dirt, snow, ice, and peanut butter mud. I found out right away that Steve was really strong and was going to be "testing" us the whole day. I found I was ok with him on the steeper climbs, but over-all he was just a little too fast for me. You would start riding with him(not too close cause everyone was throwing up mud)and then you would realize he was going a little too fast. We did a new dead that I added from another ride, which adds a nice down hill that you then have to go back up. Well in going down the hill I was in front and I am going a pretty good clip, when I got my first oh crap moment of 08'. I was turning and a car comes around a blind corner. I was on my side but the road was a little tight. I realize this and start turning tighter so I don't side swipe the car, well lucky me I stat hitting those warbles or humps that are on dirt roads. So I had the turn OK but with this bumps my front tire is coming of the ground making it hard to really even turn. So I didn't hit the car and it wasn't really even that close, but it could of been a different story. The snow was good to ride on, you actually had good traction on it, but when you got to the Icy spots it was a little touch and go. Steve, and Bruce almost ate it. Ryan was riding his own pace and not getting caught up with our Shenanigans. We did a quick pit at the store(where Ryan didn't eat!) So later in the ride Ryan was feeling a little unenergetic. In some ways I was feeling pretty good for Old Waterford road and did some mock sprints, putting the DCMTB hammer down. Now admittedly the other guys didn't know that I was going for the imaginary sprint points so know one contested me. We got some great pics of us being "hardcore" so what up with being inside on a trainer!

Dirty Loudoun Ride


Bryan Vaughan said...

Nice syncronized ice ballet in that first photo. Did everyone stay up???

Darren said...

They tired to do this turn really fast but the icy snow made them almost wreak!