The Bike Shop is Born

One of the reasons I like my house, is that I have a basement where I can work on my bikes. Jon is nice enough to let me use a a good deal of the basement for it. I have had tools and a bike stand for a very long time, but it has always been messy. My parents asked what I wanted for X-mas in December and I said that I wanted a bike shop in my basement. I have everything I need, and things I want are like $4000 bikes so it is hard to buy something for me for X-Mas. I had an idea in my head about what I wanted the bike area to look like, but I wanted to hear my dad's ideas on the topic. I think I could have done this on my own, since I have pretty good mechanical skills, the issue for me was motivation. My dad said he would come up to help me, and that was the motivation I needed. We put in pegboards mostly, but we also built my quasi wall behind the bikestand. We did this over two days and about 20 hours. This was the first time in a long time that I did something like this with my father so it was a good bonding experience. The key factor is that the tools are up on the board, and I need to make an effort to keep it straight. Well I have fixed/rebuilt a retro bike on it and am building two new 29ers in the basement as well.
Basement Bike Shop Make-Over


purplemints said...
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Anonymous said...

Super! (What are the shop hours? :-)