Bakers Pre-Ride

From March 14

There was to be a pre-ride at the bakers dozen course so we decided to have a DCMTB ride since several of us were going to be there. We had Tom, Lynne, Scardiville on his new custom 29er with nice compact crankset. Mike Sweeney a new DCMTB recruit came out but had drank too much the night before-bad mt. biker :-), Chris and Mark rounded out the group. We rode the trail, and they are running it backwards from last year, but the same way as the first Bakers Dozen. Scardiville was leading us out on the new bike, with myself following behind. Everything was going great until I stopped to tighten my seat post clamp, and I broke the bolt! So I did the rest of the ride standing and sitting on my seat that was slowly going down into my seat tube. I quit after one lap, but the others did another. I think halfway through their next lap the rain finally came that had been forecasted. I found out that the issue with my seatpost slipping was the seat collar. The Salsa seat collar which is nice, was a tad big, once I put on an old Gary Fisher quick release the seatpost stayed pat. I am exicited to race Bakers dozen, but also sad cause our teammate Samantha will not be there cause of her operation and recuperation(get better soon). So not sure who Mike K. and I will race with.

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