Skink, Viper, Salamandar at the Shed.

So I went up to the Shed, and did some new trials that Mike K. has been working on. The trails were nice, not my best terrain but It is good to go up there and get better at riding the rocks. I finally saw mike break his chain so that was kinda cool after him harassing me so much. I rode up with Matty so it was good to catch up with him. The proud moment of the ride, was when I was in front after the pit and going towards Rock Candy I was riding stuff pretty well. I had Pos, Mike, Matty behind so I knew I needed to get going cause those guys can rock the technical stuff. So the trail had big air stuff and ride arounds, which were not easy mind you(through rocks still). I went over the things I had to and then there was a Rock skinny that went through a big ditch. I just made it over that so it was my shinning moment! I think the Skinny work at Fountain Head helped. We didn't get to Iceburg the weather was getting worse so Matty and I climbed to Sand Flats. We got mexican afterwards which was good for the system. The ride and weather got me sickly so I went home and slept 2.5 hours. I am going to map that whole place out and do some big rides up there.

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chris said...

are those like old dry stack walls in the woods where property lines once stood ? but yeah cool riding and fun stuff.