Fixies are not crit bikes....

I have been taking a true off season, and part of that off-season is playing volleyball. I have been playing with the fairfax meetup group. I will be stopping soon so I can bike more, but I was still signed up for a couple of events. I decided to do a fixed gear ride after playing volleyball since it was in the high 60's. The good news was that the middle school where I was playing volley-ball was right near a bike route I do to work.
I changed up the ride a little by going down Holmes run to Eisenhower through Alexandria to the Mt. Vernon trail then to Shirlington and back on the bike route road to the middle school.

The Holmes run part was ok, but it is more of a walking path then a bike path. There were sections that were totally dirt so you wouldn't have been able to ride a race bike on it easily. Eisenhower ave was ok I took the new bike path until it got close to the metro then I was on the road cause it turned into a sidewalk path which is not conducive to bikes. There was some major traffic in Alexandria but that was ok since I was on a bike I was able to do some cut-throughs. Once I got on the Mt. Vernon trail I started to encounter the mass amounts of people. Trouble started when I went past a slow biker, and turned a corner and I had a pedal strike. My rear wheel jumped like a foot to the right and I almost wrecked. I was like,"that was a close call" So I was going fine until I came to a chicane under ridge road. I am going and I have another pedal strike, my rear wheel jumps like 2 feet to the right and my tire I think came off the rim cause I heard a loud BOOM of my tube exploding. Since I am on a fixed gear I am still pedaling and I know I am going to wreck. So I am not sure what happened next but I think I got bucked off the bike and hit the ground and rested into a wall. I think my pedal cage got a little bent in the first pedal strike, so that is why it kicked my bike up in the air so much. I was lucky and didn't get hurt too badly just my ego :-/
Well here is where I messed up... somehow my bike didn't have a tube or the wrench in the bike seat bag. So I didn't know what to do, luckly I know people. I called Mark who lives in Arlington about 3 miles from where I was. He was home, and he came to the rescue with a tube and a wrench. I was able to fix the bike and finish the ride. The other big highlight was being able to ride the new Glebe Rd/395 underpass that has taken like 15 years to get done!!! I went to some Arlington Bike meetings a couple years ago and the issue was that like 4 parties owned the land and they had a hard time getting the rights to build a path on that land. The ride up the hill in Shirlington, and some of the roads back to my car were a little steep for a fixie but I was able to tuff it out. First thing I did when I got home was take a hack saw to the pedals and cut off the "U" part of the platform side of the pedals(I use regular shoes on the is bike sometimes).

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