Finally did the Skinny

So last week I was able to get a mid week ride in at fountainhead. I think that fountainhead is one of the best training rides you can do. The trails have technical, have enough up and downs, and it is a good length to measure a lap time. I did two laps with the first being slower and the second a faster pace. What I have found out is I am so far behind the curve right now. I mean I know my fastest time out on the trail was 42:30 and I once did a three lap test at 50min. per lap. So I think I got a 55 or so on my second lap, now I wasn't totally killing it, but you can see that I am way off what I need to be at. I think I will do another test in June. The big news for the ride for me was I finally did the skinny forward, and backward. I am not the best technical rider, but I feel I am usually able to hold my own. One area that has been getting me is these skinnies. Most rides you don't need to ride a log to get over something, but I did use the skill gained here on a some rockwalks in the shed. On my second lap I chased down some guys that went in before me, and then afterward got to talking to Adolfo who was a nice dude. Should see him again at the Bakers Dozen race.

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Sam said...

congrats on the "skinny". Those look like a lot of fun!