GamJams Reviews: The Wheels I Want - 3 pairs

I ride/race allot of different bikes road, mountain, and cross. So here are the wheels I would like for each........

What I have Xaero lite:
For the road I have been riding these wheels for 8 years and never broken a spoke!!!!! Now wheels with J spokes I have popped countless ones of those. Now my wheels are just like these but have the yellow carbon spokes. These wheels were great with my Aluminum Bianchi, but with my new carbon bike I think a stiffer wheelset would do me good.

What I want:So the Wheels I would like to go to our this wheels cousin

Spinergy Stealth FCC

I think with these wheels I would get the stiffness I am looking for along with super strong spokes that I like.

ZTR 355 29'er Wheelset

My next wheel is an idea that I think I am actually going to buy well not the full blown Idea. I am going to race the SS division at Wednesday @ Wakefield this year so I was thinking of getting some No Tubes Stans wheels to lighten it up and to run tubeless. I was also thinking to then use these same wheels for cross season. The version I will get will be built up with the WTB Lite hubs but if I had the $$ I would get DT Swiss 190 for a 1500 gram 29er/cyclocross wheelset!

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