Fifty on a Fixie

I had wanted to do a big Hill fest ride on Sat. , but the rain put those plans on hold. I needed to get a ride in for my upcoming races. I was going to be down at the parents house which has nice riding, but I knew they would be upset if I was gone for too long.
Sara and I got down to my parents place around 1am after going to my friend Ann roof-deck B-day party(was fun). I got up around 6:45 and got myself on the road by 7:15 or so. The sky was nice and blue and it was really humid out so made it a hot morning. I brought an extra waterbottle and left that at the back entrance for Sara to drink on her run around the lake.
The ride was pretty peacefull, there seemed to be more traffic then normal on Rt. 522 but I think it was from people going to lake Anna. At the 25 mile mark I got off and stretched my back, since I was feeling it a little bit after a long uphill stretch. I then worked my way back to my parents place. I went through the Wilderness Battlefield on Hill Ewell Dr. which has a nice surface to it. I got back to the house and had like 48miles, so I found some more streets in their neighborhood to get my total to 50.

18.4mph(give or take)
around 2:50 ride time

  • This was the longest Fixied gear ride I have everdone.
  • Had a little bit of chaffing with moving my legs so much
  • I thought it wasn't that bad but riding the next day my legs were shot so that spinning had really worked the legs.
The fixie did the job of making my normal ride seem a little more epic, hopefully the Moots is almost ready.

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